About Us

Top Laser Co. is a leading importer and exporter of CNC machines

Price Or Quality?

It is known in market that low price come with low quality and this is exactly what we try to change we support our clients with high quality machines and it cam with suitable prices for every one.

Our Vision

We believe that wherever you are and whatever budget we can provide you with what suits you. We are working to expand our services to provide our customers with time, effort and options to suit all needs.

History of the Company

Over the past years, Top Laser has provided many CNC machines for many factories and companies. Our machines were the best choice for these customers needs after using the machines and the availability of all the possibilities and quality in the various machines provided by the company to its customers. Take a deep understanding of this sector of business and provide customers with the tools that help them to provide ideal products for their clients.

Our Mission

Every day, we work hard to contribute to the industrial development and push the local industries towards development and innovation by providing machines with European specifications and components of high quality, efficiency and suitable price.

What can we do for you ?

Continues Technical Support 16 hours a day for your help.

We supply and install the machine at the customer’s location.

All Machines come with 1 Year Guarantee from billing date.

We train our clients and their employees on using machines.

Emergency Maintenance for machines are Active 24/7 where ever you are.

Free designs from us to our clients with machines as a gift from us.

We are committed to provide our clients with original spare parts for their machines.

We Always Provide offers and discounts to our clients.