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Since 2007, Top Laser is one of the leading companies in import and export of CNC Machines as
(Co2 Laser –Router –
CO2 Galvo Head -fiber laser Marker –Plasma Fiber Laser sheet metal – Fiber Laser welding)
In 2019, we succeeded to get a contract with XQL which consider one of the biggest companies in Fiber Laser Field.
At the beginning of this year, we continue our success and get an exclusive contract with HSG
which is considered one of the biggest Brands in China and leading the selling amount in Europe and USA..

HSG was founded in 2006 and focusing on Research, development and produce fiber laser machine to around 100 countries around the world

At present, Top Laser is an exclusive agent for HSG not only in Egypt but also in Middle East …

HSG has a several Advantages such as the machine works with Japanese and German Technology …

  • Close Partner for IPG which is considered no 1 in Fiber laser source.
  • Japanese Panasonic Motors
  • Highest safety Rate due to using a safety cover to protect workers from metal fragments.
  • Machine weight reach till 6-8 Tons
  • HSG has a patented for the Klinge Head which an exclusive component for HSG and there are 20 engineers from all over the world responsible for the development it.


Top Laser offers one year warranty on the Machine and two years warranty on the laser Source.
WE have the biggest Maintenance Team who characterized by Precision and Professionalism

Upgraded Model, Strength in R & D


Based on HSG’s mature metal plate laser cutting equipment and other advanced high technologies, G3015X can make the most of its high-precision technologies to satisfy the diversified cutting needs of users.


Ventilation System


With small louver, rotary butterfly valve damper and large-caliber exhaust pipe, the ventilation system can bring good ventilation and almost smokeless effect; Little noise while turning on and off machine bed.



HSG-X2000S Control System


PCIe bus control, network transmission free from external interference, work safely; Integrated soft PLC design with no need for hardware module can be used for long time stably.


Cutting samples


We offers discount reach up to 100,000 LE for ordering HS-G3015XII machine During RAMADAN .

We offers discount reach up to 100,000 LE for ordering HS-G3015C machine During RAMADAN .

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